Quality Story

Chetna Patel is a Professional Tailor & Beautician working in the Ever-Changing Chicago land. She Learned her Tricks and Trade in the Beautiful Country India which Again is known for its Colors, Vibrancy & Eccentric Fashion Trends that Soothes the eyes and feast one’s eyes on. Over Time she gained Expertise as she Worked on Different Fabrics for Different clientele Demands. She was Praised for the Work she did. She had a very Happy and Loyal clientele Base in India and that made her Confident that she can Bring the Expertise to the United States & Create a Niche for Herself.

In 2011,

Chetna Brought her Skills over to the Colorful Area of Chicago land. She has Worked on Everything from Classy & Elegant Suits to Vibrant Indian Ethnic Wears. The Passion to be Creative has Made her Explore a slightly Diverse field of “Beauty” which Apart from Clothes is the Second Best Thing that helps in Making a Person Look Beautiful. In Addition to Tailoring & Alterations, Chetna is highly Proficient in providing Beauty Services such as Eyebrow Threading, Facials and Hair Care.

The Zeal to Learn & Explore has helped Chetna in Achieving her Goal of Creating a Niche for Herself and is One of the Most Successful & Reliable Tailor & Beautician in the Area.