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Quality Story

Someone very rightly Said  

” Clothes are the first things someone Notices. “

Clothing is One of The Most Important Part of a Human Being’s Life. Back in 1985, something about clothing attracted Chetna Patel; the cuts, the rolls, the flare and creativity. The passion to create is what brought Chetna into the Profession of Tailoring


The type of clothes one wears determines what image they convey in society.

Tailoring is an art – an art that makes people look good and feel even better!

At Chetna Tailors, we have mastered this art. Whether it is ethnic clothing or celebrity red-carpet event inspired dresses, we can custom make whatever your heart desires.


When a client comes arrives, their requirements are noted, along with a few suggestions and then an abstract idea is decided upon. Based on the discussion with the client, The cloth that suits the best is selected. Designs are decided and kept ready.
The next step involves the actual conversion of the abstract idea into a beautiful article of clothing which suits the prerequisites of the client and has a sense of Chetna’s style.

Ethnic Wears


If you have a Ready-Made attire or older attire that doesn’t fit well anymore, don’t worry!

Rather than giving it away or letting it sit in your closet for years, get it altered. After the alteration, it will fit you well and you can add to the style from when you first bought it.